Mint Espresso Martini Pouch 250ml - Makes 2 Martinis

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Try making our Minted Espresso Martini at Home!

With and hint of mint, a punch of Patron XO coffee tequila and a smooth roast coffee finish this variation on the classic will change your life. Comes complete with a 250ml pouch that serves 2 large Martinis, and coffee beans for a classic garnish. If you have some fresh mint at home then that will make the perfect accompaniment as well.

All of our Espresso Martini Pouch mixes are ready to shake and made using cold brew coffee freshly roasted in our own roasting machine using the very best single origin arabica beans. 

If you don't have the equipment to turn this mix into a delicious and frothy delight, fear not you buy all thats needed right here in our Equipment section, our buy a 'Starter Pack' with your mix of choice which includes glassware and shakers.

Patron Cafe XO / Creme De Menthe / Sugar Syrup / Saline Solution / El Botan Dark Roasted Cold Brew Coffee 

ABV - 16.2%